Learn how to build a magnet brand that attracts the right people to your business.

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Turn your brand into
a customer Magnet

Learn how to build a magnet brand that attracts the right people to your business.

Turn your brand into
a customer magnet

Get your FREE Roadmap!

“Franzine was so great to work with as we developed our logo. I think for someone like me--who doesn’t even know the process, Franzine was the ideal person to work with to make us something we LOVE!”

- Lukas Van Dyke | Wild & Free Supply

“Franzine helped me brand my business and I've had so many clients tell me that my website seems like an extension of me - which is the ultimate compliment to her work. he made the entire branding process so easy and I loved all of her input and advice along the way.”

- Jessie Martin | JessieMartin.com

Working with Franzine was exactly what my business needed to reach the next level. She knew just the right questions to ask to get to the heart of my business and helped me clarify exactly what I wanted my clients to walk away feeling.

- Mara Kingsley | MaraKingsley.com

“Working with Franzine was everything I didn’t know existed! I was impressed with all the research she did on my business’ industry, which made communicating very helpful. I look forward to working with Franzine for the future growth of my businesses!"

- Mimi Vimont | HOME GROWN kids yoga

"Working with Franzine gave me a vision for a personal brand that reflected my core values while being in alignment with my true self and how it would be more effective at attracting my ideal clients."

- Veronica Lamb | VeronicaLamb.com

I knew I needed a serious revamp but had no idea what I even really wanted. Franzine's process helped me to solidify the voice of my brand, and she created beautiful, eye-catching designs that perfectly encapsulate the heart behind the work I do!“

- Erica Comitalo | Uncliqued Creative


In the past, I hired all the wrong people to help me with my business. I also bought all the wrong courses. What I failed to do before I hired a business coach, and invest in new skills, was brand my business.

You’re probably thinking it was easy because I’m a designer and can quickly spruce up a logo. And believe me, I can make logos all day. But I was missing the steps of what branding actually was.

If you take the time to map out your brand, then you’ll start getting the customers you’ve always wanted. 

        You’ll know if you’re saying yes to the right thing. 
        You’ll know which social media channels to focus on.
        You’ll know if you’re chatting with a potential customer.
        You won’t waste any more time.

If you want to learn how to implement your brand strategy, just sign up and I’ll show you how.

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How I got a dream client to work with me after I implemented a proper branding strategy