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10 Ways to Grow Your Business


When you grow your business, it’s a huge investment of time and resources. But there comes a time where we all feel that dreaded lull.

You might ask yourself: why did my sudden burst of growth stop? How did I lose the feeling of passion for the service I’m offering? Or, how can I continue to grow my business successfully?

I’m going to share with you 10 incredible ways to grow your business, no matter where you’re at in your growth and journey. And I know you’re going to love idea #9!

10 Ways to Grow Your Business

1. Create Amazing Content

You have an amazing product or service you know will help so many people. Your job is to get your name known by offering amazing, high-quality content to your customers.

If you have a blog, study your analytics to see which posts are resonating with your audience. If you’re just starting a blog and are unsure about the topics you should be writing about, focus on your customer’s pain points and how you can solve their problems.
When you provide amazing and high-quality content for your blog, your audience will keep coming back and will share with their friends.

2. Hire a Coach

Everyone arrives at their business where they feel a little stuck or unsure of where to go. All you want is a friend to talk to, someone who has been where you’re at and has grown from this moment. This is where hiring a coach would help you grow your business.

Hiring a coach when you need a business mentor will be one of the best investments you make. You’ll get practical and actionable advice from someone who has been where you are today.

3. Run Ads

Do you want to grow your email list, so you can sell your products and drive traffic to your blog? Then running a Facebook or Pinterest ad is definitely worth your time.

Not only will you be growing your online presence on your page or profile, but you’ll also be scaling your business by reaching potential customers who might not have heard of the service you offer.

4. Hire a VA

Running a business is rewarding and has certain challenges. When you feel like you have more work to do than time in the day, or if you notice you’re spending too much time in one area of your business when your focus needs to be somewhere else, then it’s time to hire a VA.

A VA is your own virtual assistant to help you with the tasks you need to get done so you can focus on other aspects of your business. A VA’s job is to help you by freeing up your time, so you can continue to focus on your business’s growth and the products you offer.

5. Collaborate

Having a group of business owners in your niche to collaborate and bounce ideas off will help grow your business in many ways. Each member has an established audience that you’ve grown and cultivated.

Some of the biggest growth full-time bloggers have seen in their business comes from their collaboration with other business owners and bloggers by promoting each other’s content and running a giveaway together.

6. Mentor

If you want to keep yourself from business burnout, the best thing you can do for yourself (and someone else) is mentor a new business owner.
This doesn’t have to take up a huge chunk of your time. Quite the opposite. Some of the best mentoring meetings happen over a quick lunch.

By sharing your knowledge with someone who wants to learn from you, you’re forging a lasting business relationship and potential partnership for the future. You’ll be able to process what’s been working well in your business while helping to set another entrepreneur up for success.

I offer a few consult calls a month. Want to set up a free call? Contact me now!

7. Grow Your Email List

Who better to sell your service or products to than to those who are ready and wanting to buy from you? This is why growing and focusing on your email list is so important.
When you grow your email list, you’re giving potential customers something of value for free (for signing up) and then you want to nurture your relationship with them. By emailing your customers and providing value to them they will be more enticed and excited to buy from you.

8. Network with Bigger Audiences

Never be afraid to reach out to other business owners who have a larger audience than you. For example, perhaps you offer a service that helps busy parents with cooking nutritious meals for their family in a short amount of time. Your service would be perfect for mom blogs or healthy living blogs.
Reach out to the owners of these sites and offer your product for free in exchange for a review. You can also offer a second product for free to their readers (remember #6 on our list) by helping this owner run a giveaway so both of you can grow your business and social media presence.

9. Community Involvement

If you want to grow your business and presence with your local community, you’ll want to sign up your business for booths on major holiday gatherings.

Some of the biggest holidays include Halloween or the 4th of July, where you can promote your business, hand out business cards, and invite your target audience to visit your site and sign-up for your newsletter.

10. Learn, Learn, Learn

Always be willing to learn more about your business and what’s working best for you. Never be afraid of failure, but be willing to learn from your experiences and be open to trying new things. You never know what will work for your business, or what will resonate with your audience, until you try.


As you focus on one (or more) of these areas in your business, you’ll begin to have noticeable growth. Remember, the key to success in providing a service or a product is to provide the solution to someone else’s problem. When you’re helping others, and fulfilling a need for them, not only will they come back to you, but they’ll also share with their friends.

Have you tried anything on this list?