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13 Best Blogs to Boost Your Creative Career


Finding the best blogs to help you better yourself as creative can be very valuable... if you find the right ones! I've done the work for you. Read this!

It might be pretty obvious, but I’m a blog junkie. There’s a difference between being well-versed in blogs and being a hoarder. It’s okay to look at many different blogs. But what are some of the best blogs?

From the blogger’s posts, you’ll be able to see if it will benefit you and fit with your goals. Sometimes you may not know that until you’re a regular reader. You may not agree with their principles or you’ve tried some of their techniques and they don’t work for you.

So it’s definitely good to do some “shopping”. Yet, to make it worth your time you actually have to give it your time. If you simply scan a blog, you’ll miss some important details and you might make the wrong call.

Read thoroughly to be able to see if it’s right for you. Once you find a few that speak to you, it’s time to commit.

Here is a list of blogs for both inspiration and education. I listed a few different types to fit your industry to the best of my abilities.

1. Abduzeedo:

This is a great website for all things design. If you have the word designer in your occupation, chances are they have a section for it. From architecture to motion graphics, they thought of it all.

2. Illustration Age:

As the name implies, this is an amazing resource for illustrators. It has so much more than inspirational photos from a range of artists. They also link to classes, podcasts, and tools to use.

3. Apartment Therapy:

This is an interior decorator’s dream site. Despite the name, they do display all living situations and types of homes. Anywhere from large houses to tree houses, they’ve got you covered. You don’t have to be a designer to enjoy the site. They also have inspiration for beautiful offices and workspaces!

4. A Beautiful Mess:

For the creative type who’s heart is in crafts. This is the ultimate website for DIYers and color lovers. They publish so much content that you can redecorate and find a new project a few times a week. How’s that for a dream job?

5. Oh So Beautiful Paper:

You guessed it. It’s for artists who prefer the touch and feel of good old fashioned paper. There’s inspiration for weddings, house parties, and decor! You’ll be stocking up your art supplies and greeting cards in no time.

6. Ruffled:

A lot of creatives I know are in the wedding industry. This one is for you. It has a mountain of new wedding photos with unique themes. It will keep your head spinning with beautiful imagery.

7. Secret Bloggers Business:

I’ve taken her blogging course and it’s packed with information. The website is also full of resources for both new and experienced bloggers (and a lot are free). You’ll learn about content creation, monetization, and marketing.

8. Neil Patel:

He will cover everything about marketing an online business. His blogs are based on facts and data. I love that he explains why his tactics work and the research that backs it up. He may be overwhelming for beginners, but this is one of the most valuable online marketing websites out there.

9. seanwes:

I’m a big fan of Sean McCabe and I’ve even joined his community. He tells you how he got to where he is today from a hand lettering artist to an entrepreneur. He loves to share his past successes and goals to further his career and monetization.

10. James Clear:

If you need to define your goals better, achieve them, get organized and better yourself, this is the website to go to. He also links to other helpful resources, like podcasts, books, and websites. He is very detailed with this articles, definitely a straight-shooter!

11. Just a Girl and Her Blog:

Probably gave it away from the name, but this is all things blogging. She even has a separate section on income reports from blogging. It’s inspirational and motivational.

12. Melyssa Griffin:

If your entrepreneurial spirit needs a bit of a push, she’s the girl. The website is full of info on making more money, marketing, and beautiful free downloads. And if you’re up to it, some intensive courses on social media and blogging!

13. Gary Vaynerchuck:

Sorry to those already in the entrepreneur world, because this would be a big “duh”. But, if you’re new, Gary is kind of the king of “hustle”. If you need that extra kick in the butt, his powerful words (and colorful language) will keep you on your toes.


Go ahead and start digging around. Subscribe to those email lists. Listen to their podcasts if they have one. Take advantage of their free content and engage with the writers and readers.

It’s always nice to let them know you appreciate their work!

What are some of your favorite blogs?

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