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Best Types of Blog Posts to Write


This guide to the best blog post to write will go through the top 5 converting posts that will engage your readers, solve their problems, and help convert your ideal client into paying customers. Read more!

Connecting with your audience is key to your success. People have a need to be understood and heard. They want to know that they’re not alone in their journey.

Creating amazing content that helps your ideal client by serving and solving their problems is one of the best moves your business can make. Especially as you focus on growth and reaching more potential clients.

For some of us, we might draw a blank slate the first time we sit down to write a blog post. What do you write about? What format do you use? How long should your blog post be?

This guide to the best blog post formats will go through the top 5 converting posts that will engage your readers, solve their problems, and help convert your ideal client into paying customers.

Personal Story

Before you start sharing your life story on the internet, I want you to remember something very important. You need to remember that your whole purpose is to serve your client and solve a problem they’re currently going through.

And sharing a personal story will help you build a connection with them, without meeting them face-to-face.

The next big question is, how do you effectively share a personal story while helping someone else? I want you to think of your business. What is your purpose and why did you decide to focus on this goal?

For example, if your business is striving to encourage parents and children to eat healthy food, then talk about the struggles you had prior to starting your business and then relate to your customer about the benefits they will receive from being health-conscious.


Readers love to learn new things, and they definitely want to be taught (for example, you’re reading a blog post on blog post formats).

A great exercise you can do to help you create a ton of amazing content is to write down everything you can teach about your product or business.

People love to learn, and you will build a trust with them when you freely share with them the things you know that will make their lives better. So, what kinds of how-to posts can you write?


One of the highest read posts online is round-up posts. Have you ever found yourself clicking on headlines such as, “25 Decadent Chocolate Desserts You Can Make” or “10 Instagram Tips You Can’t Live Without”?

These types of headlines drive our curiosity, so we have to click. They are also one of the highest sharing types of blog posts.

In your business, what can you share from your own content and from others that will provide value to your readers? Now, a note of disclosure. You can link to other’s websites if the content is high value. But if you want to use a non-stock photo from someone else’s site, you’ll have to get their permission or credit them based on their rules.

Testimonials/Life Changes

Reading life-changing transformations is super inspiring. We love to know that people can overcome some of the hardest obstacles life can throw.

With this in mind, how has your product or service helped someone else? What problems does your service solve and what are the benefits your customers will receive?

When you’re ready to write a testimonial blog post, talk with your current or past clients about how your service has helped them.

You can also send them a survey to fill out at their convenience. If images will help create a greater connection to your potential clients, then remember to grab a photography release and permission.

When you share how your product or service is something your client can’t (and shouldn’t) live life without, you’ll be well on your way to driving their need for what you have to offer.

Recommendations & Product Reviews

Using our previous example of a health-based service business, some gift guide ideas can include, clean cookbooks, workout clothes, etc.

If you’re a service-based business you can make a list of your favorite programs, scheduling apps, do a planner comparison for your ideal customer, and more. Also, don’t forget to list your physical products or service on the list!

A majority of the products you list will most likely be on Amazon. If this is the case, don’t forget to sign-up for their affiliate program so you can earn some money when they buy it. If there’s another company you love, reach out to them and ask about their affiliate programs.

As you create content using a personal story, a how-to post, sharing other’s knowledge (along with your own) in round-ups, showing how your product or service can change lives, and provide quality recommendations to your readers, you’ll be well on your way to creating traffic driving and high converting content.