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It helps you define their expectations, what you'll be delivering, and how the process will go from beginning to end. For designers and artists this also means there is an agreement of who has the rights to the end product. Also, if things go sour, they can agree that this is how they will proceed.
Brand design is important, but when do you need to invest in a brand strategist, too? Branding is a crucial element of your business and it goes far beyond just the *looks* of it. Here’s why you need a brand strategist.
Is your services page holding you back? You know your website copy is important but is it important on your services page too? Oftentimes I see businesses neglecting their services page because they don’t know how to write the copy or can’t be bothered with the layout or design. Here are 4 reasons you should stop neglecting your Services Page today!
Set up systems to help make your business thrive. Check out our automation and productivity tips!
A simple guide to help you launch your graphic design business quickly. Whether you want to side hustle, be a freelancer, or open up a design agency, here's where to start!
Find out why branding is crucial to getting more customers. You'll learn how to use this for growth in your small business.
When you visit a website you really love, sometimes the colors just pop right away. Within a few seconds of being there, you’re really inspired and feel a certain mood in the site. Find out how you can get others to feel the same about your brand!
Are you struggling with finding high-quality clients? As you grow your business you need to have a strategy in place to help your business thrive and keep growing. Find out how!
How to define a target market for your small business. You'll learn how to find your ideal customer and market effectively.
Craft your brand identity for a creative business with this step-by-step plan will be easy. Define a brand that's unique to you. Read on to see how!
Behind the scenes of what it's like to brand a food blogger. Learn about what happened, the results and what it takes. You'll also get tips from an influencer about how to reach success. Brand design, graphic design, logo, design inspiration
Do you want visitors who land on your homepage to stay longer and become customers? I'll be sharing the secret on how to create a homepage that converts readers into customers, and it’s easier than you think.