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Boost Your List-Building Strategy with Quizzes


As an online entrepreneur, I’m sure you’ve realized the importance of list-building to grow your tribe–whether existent or not. And like anything else in business, there are plenty of options.

It will also depend on your business model and industry. You’ll want to grow your email list for different purposes. If you’re a service-based business, you’ll want to leverage visibility and authority to land those dream clients. If you sell a product, then this is a no-brainer. You HAVE to get that list going for the best results, product ideas, and valuable feedback.

The first step in list-building is trust-building. You need to give them a pretty good reason to trust you with an email address. And this is of course solved with a freebie for your opt-in. There are so many things you can offer to your audience. A few ideas are:

+ cheat sheets
+ short ebooks
+ checklists
+ blueprints
+ swipe files
+ free video series
+ audio series/secret podcast episodes
+ email course
+ webinar

You know what’s always missing from these lists is something that is pretty darn effective in almost any industry: Quizzes!

Quizzes are a great way to build credibility, establish yourself as an authority, get someone on your email list, and recommend a product/service with it.

I really love Interact‘s platform. It’s super easy, it had all the features that were missing in other quiz-building websites, and they added premade quizzes to make the learning curve super fast.

The first time I made a quiz, I was actually able to do it straight through without any troubleshooting! That never happens. But it did with their amazing UX!

I ended up partnering one of my blog posts called “What is Your Creative Job Personality Type?” with a handy little quiz. Check it out here!

So now I’m going to show you how easy it is to make a quiz. Use it to funnel into something you’re promoting like a course. Or if you’re a coach, maybe you have different coaching packages you’d like to recommend.

How to make a quiz for list-building

1. Make an account and get started

Go to* and click “GET STARTED FOR FREE“. Once you select to create a new quiz, it will give you an option to make a new one or use a template. If you’re super new to quizzes in general, I suggest using a premade one so you can learn the different elements of it.

Let’s click on the first one on there called “What’s Your Blogging Style?” and press “+Use This Quiz” to get it set up.

2. Customize

The first window that will pop up is the cover of the quiz. Change all of that out to fit your brand voice! If you’re more casual, change it to something you’d say to a friend. You can easily change the cover photo by clicking on it and searching in the search bar. They built in Pixabay so you can find free stock photos in an instant! (This is a big deal.) Lastly, change that call to action to something compelling to your viewers. Here’s an example of what I changed:

You are currently on the tab called “Content” that you can see on the left sidebar. Click on the “Styles” tab and we can change the visuals to match your brand. My favorite part. Make sure you change everything to match your current website’s fonts and colors. You want it to be seamless. They use Google Fonts, so if you don’t currently use a Google Font for your brand, just choose one that is the closest match.

3. Edit the Content

Once you’re done making it look awesome, go back to the Content tab and start playing around with the questions and options. Remember, if it doesn’t sound like you, do a makeover to those questions.

Also check out the results and fix the descriptions and make them a little longer. Don’t forget to change the images chosen and the call to action text!

4. Collect those emails

Don’t forget the most important step of this process. Your opt-in form! On the top left, click the tab to turn on the “Enable lead capture and data collection for my quiz” option! Super important. Now you can add a form to the end of the results. It’s recommended to give users the option to skip this step. It makes it less pushy, and most people will come back and add their emails anyway.

You can then integrate it to your email platform of choice.

5. Get it on your site!

When you’re done tweaking every possible thing you can think of, it’s time to hit PUBLISH at the top right. Pressing Save & Exit is different from actually pressing Publish, so just keep that in mind.

I embedded mine on a page in my website. But let’s say you want to have Interact host it because you want to test it out to your email list. You can copy the link and have people come directly to it. To do this, just click on “Share & Embed” to get the codes you need.


You did it! You’ve made your first quiz and you’re on your way to getting that email list you’ve always wanted in a fun and interactive way.

Let me know if you have any questions on quiz or list-building! Here are the links again:

+ Sign up for Interact
+ Take my Creative Personality Quiz

I have affiliate links on here. I get a small commission but it won’t cost you anything extra! I only mention products that I love and use, so don’t worry!