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I can help you with a focused brand strategy. This will help you understand where there are opportunities to market better to your audience.

You'll get insights on how to:
    make the most of your online visibility and presence
    get your message across clearly to your customers
    optimize your website and other channels to meet your goals

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We'll go over your pain points and how to improve your brand. We'll discuss how to utilize your strengths, and discover opportunities you can use to reach your business' goals. You'll walk away with a plan that enhances your customer/audience experience.


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*Note: I can make custom packages. Contact me now!

Each week, we'll focus on different strategies to make a complete brand and marketing plan. We'll cover everything from your mission, target market, positioning, and visuals. The ultimate goal is to make sure your brand is perfectly aligned to your ideal customer. You'll walk away with a customer-centric action plan.


4-week consulting

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“Franzine is an amazing team player. She was instrumental to our growth as a startup and she brought lots of great ideas to the table. She gathered important marketing insights that ultimately allowed us to iterate and build a better product for our consumers. Franzine is also a fast learner as our needs often change, requiring her to learn new tools or work under different team leaders to achieve our goals. Franzine is capable yet humble, and she is a huge asset to any company looking to take their growth to the next level.“

- Darius Fong | weeSPIN

Before working with Franzine I felt very segmented in my business identity and personal identity. Working with Franzine gave me a vision for a personal brand that reflected my core values while being in alignment with my true self and how it would be more effective at attracting my ideal clients. I feel that I’m grounded in a solid foundation now with my messaging being consistent in both copy & visuals. Clients are responding and collaboration is easier now that I have a more professional feel to the overall business.

- Veronica Lamb |

“It’s helpful to have accountability and Franzine definitely positioned herself as an authority in this field, so your guidance feels both academic and personalized. I especially appreciated the assessment from her designer’s eye of the functionality and aesthetic of my website and Instagram feed and the assignments when I felt like I had 1000 things to do and I had no idea how to prioritize. Franzine guided me through like a guru and a friend.“

- Tiffany Luong | Tiffany Luong Photography

“Franzine was so great to work with as we developed our logo. Going into the project, we had a vague idea of the “feel” we wanted but no idea where to really start. She did some research and made it easy to narrow things down to the kind of logo we wanted. She then started in with different drafts to help us move in the direction we wanted to go. I think for someone who doesn’t even know the process she was the ideal person to work with to make us something we LOVE!”

- Lukas Van Dyke | Wild & Free Supply

“Working with Franzine was everything I didn’t know existed! I was impressed with all the research she did on my business’ industry, which made communicating very helpful. She genuinely cared about making sure I was satisfied with the final product and I felt she really believed in the brand and most importantly the business that was created! We now have a strong brand and website that I feel good about sharing with the community. I look forward to working with Franzine for the future growth of my businesses! 

- Mimi Vimont | HOME GROWN kids yoga