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How to Find Clients For Your Creative Business

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Are you struggling with finding high-quality clients? As you grow your business you need to have a strategy in place to help your business thrive and keep growing. Find out how!

When you’re first starting your business the struggle to find clients is real. Some days you’re overwhelmed with so many people telling you what works for them and then not having much success in your business.

You’re tired of seeing your fellow business besties bring in a full-time income when you’re struggling to find work yourself. I know the desire you have to provide for yourself/family and how the overwhelm can quickly paralyze you from what you need to do.

That’s why this post is designed to help you find clients that love your business. There’s no fluff or “keep doing what you’re doing” mantra, but honest and actionable advice you can begin today.

When Starting Out

If you struggle with telling people that you own a business and what you do, I need you to stop worrying about what others think. You need to tell your current network, family, and friends what kind of service-based business you run and how you can help them.

When you’re first looking for clients you need to be willing to open your mouth and share with everyone the work you do. Often, you’ll find it’s not what you know but who you know.

You can easily share your information, your website and services you offer in virtual coffee chats with your fellow peers and people in other industries.

One way to do this is to invite a business owner you admire for a lunch appointment and share with them how their business has changed your life. Focus on them and eventually, they’ll ask, “What do you do for work?” It’s then you can share your role and the services you provide. You can emphasize how you can specifically help their business’s current needs without sounding too salesy.

When trying to find potential clients to work with choose a limited number of projects (usually 1 – 3) to add to your portfolio to showcase your work. You can easily reach out to non-profit organizations or business you’d like to work with in the future and offer your services to them, rather than picking people who can’t afford you because they’re currently there.

When a job is complete, ask your client what they love most about the work you provide. This is a great way to gather testimonials to share on your site and with future clients.

Remember, don’t be shy about how amazing you are because the business world is not a place where you want to be humble. If you’re amazing at creating content or managing social media and you have clients who love your work, show yourself off so others will see how you can save them time and money.

Social Media

There are Facebook groups that are specifically for creatives, social media management, entrepreneurs, and groups specific to your area of expertise. With this information, I don’t want you to do a search and request to join every single one of these groups.

You’ll want to join 3 – 5 high-quality groups in your specific area and spend time investing in these groups by providing free advice in helping others. Don’t forget to optimize your personal Facebook profile and list your website and your business in employment.

If your advice is great, people will click on your profile link and can easily find your business information on the public view of your profile (pending you put the information there to find).

You’ll also want to focus on Pinterest and Instagram as well.

Pinterest is a great way to build trust, increase traffic to your site, and create email opt-ins to help solve your ideal client’s problems and invite them to purchase future work from you. In truth, you want to give your best work free because if your free help is amazing, then your clients will believe that your paid work is even better.

To help your clients connect with you personally, use Instagram to increase your exposure and engagement. You can easily show them your personality by using IG stories, invite them to take action, and leave helpful comments on others posts. Don’t forget to optimize your profile by sharing your business information and how you can help your potential client.

In-Person Networking

In-person networking does take some time away from your social media growth, but this method can be very effective at blog and business conferences.

You don’t want to attend any random conference where they’ll be people, you want to attend the conference where your people will be present. Do extensive research into conferences and seminars available this year and be prepared to make real connections by bringing professional business cards and practicing a 30-seconds about me speech.

You want to start genuine relationships with others without pitching your business to anyone or being salesy. The best advice I’ve heard is when you’re willing to serve others and talk about them, you’ll be remembered far greater than if you spend time talking about yourself.

Through the course of your conversations as people talk with you about their business and express some of their business troubles, provide helpful solutions and advice to build them and their business up. You’ll be remembered for being helpful and in turn, can find high-quality clients that love your business.


As you focus on putting yourself and your business in front of potential clients, focus on your reach through social media and increasing your exposure through in-person networking, you’ll find clients that love your business and the services you provide.