In this exclusive interview, we talk with a woman whose goal is to set up systems to help make your business thrive. Check out her automation tips and more!

Do you remember the excitement you felt when you first created your business? Or perhaps you’re thinking of starting your very own. There is such a beautiful feeling of creativity, longing to bring in a full-time income for yourself and your family, and the excitement of meeting women just like you who really understand the need to feel fulfilled while balance work and home life.

You spend time to brainstorm and come up with THE PERFECT product idea and make your idea a reality. Then things begin to creep into your business and start taking away your limited time from what you love most. The excitement you once felt is replaced with stress and your desire for your business might be plummeting.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was some way you can make your business thrive again by focusing on what you love the most? Well, I just spoke with a mamapreneur who runs a successful business helping women set up systems of automation in their own business so they can grow their income, spend more time with those they love, and focus on what truly makes them happy in their work.

Her name is Jenn and her goal is to help women rekindle the excitement and passion they once felt for their business. She does so through individual coaching calls and specifically walks with mamapreneurs by helping them automate certain parts of their business, and the tips she gives in this interview are ones you can’t afford to miss.

Name: Jenn Elwell
Location: Huntsville, AL
Occupation: Business Coach and Consultant For Mamapreneurs
Kids? Ages: 3 kids. Ages 8, 6, 3.

Tell us about yourself!

I’m a coach for moms who are balancing growing a business with caring for their family. These women are excited about helping others yet frustrated by administrative tasks taking up their limited work time. I help them automate, outsource, and put in place systems so they do the work they love, get paid for it, and still have time for their family.

How did you start this business?

My coaching business started when I was on a call with a fellow mamapreneur. She told me that her brain just didn’t work the same way that mine did. My mind thrives with organization, a methodical plan, and desires logical steps to take me from one point to another. However, her modus operandi was a jumble of putting out fires in her business, working whenever she found the time and doing everything herself.

After that call, I realized that I could offer moms who were busy growing their business and caring for their family coaching and consulting to get them working in the most efficient way possible. I knew that not only did I want to help these women, but I felt a responsibility to meet them where they were in their business and help them create a strategy to take them to the next level.

How long have you been in business?

I started in business over four years ago designing stationery for women. While I loved designing the products, I found that the more orders that came in, the more stressed out I was about the work because I was single handedly doing all the tasks and doing them all manually. I sat down one day to figure out how I could get my business under control. I began to time block and setting aside the time that I wanted to spend with my family first when I scheduled my week so I knew that my family took priority over my work.

As I talked about the changes I was making in my business with other mamapreneurs I started spending more time developing tools that these women could use and less time designing stationery. I found that helping moms in business enjoy their kids and their business again was my passion. So today I help moms in business go from overwhelmed to in control by isolating areas in their business where they want or need help and implement ways to handle those tasks better.

Who is your primary target market?

I love helping moms with kids at home who are running their own business.

What does success look like to you in your business?

Success to me means that I get to not only grow a business I’m passionate about, but do it in such a way that it leaves me with the freedom to attend school field trips, snuggle on the couch with favorite books, and be the kind of mom that I want for my children.

If someone wanted to do what you do, how can they start?

Being a business coach requires a foundation in business. Having your own business, experience in business or training in business gives you a foundation of knowledge to refer back to when you’re helping clients. So if you want to be a business coach you need to not only have some foundational experience in business but have an area of expertise to build your business around.

What would you tell someone if they asked: “How do I know if I was meant to be a business coach?”

There are a few things that you should be ok with if you’re going to be a business coach. First, you need to be happy to spend a lot of time on the phone or connected to the internet. A successful coach will spend a lot of time talking in real time with clients.

Second, you should be happy being the support staff. Think about major award shows and the winners typically thank their family and friends and maybe their coach or teacher, but the coach or teacher isn’t up there winning awards. If you want to be a business coach you need to be happy and excited for your clients and understand that you aren’t the star of the show but are there to help them.

And, finally, you need to be a great listener and able to ask insightful questions. As a coach, you want to help your clients find the answers that are within them by providing insight and guiding them in a way that is beneficial to them. If all of that sounds good and you want to be a business coach, know that you can do it!

How do you make money?

Transitioning from a product based business to a service based business has required some juggling of revenue streams while my client roster is building. So I kept a few streams open like my children’s products on Etsy and my corporate swag clients so supplement my income until the majority of my income comes from working directly 1-on-1 with clients. I also make money with passive products like downloadable workbooks from my Mamapreneur Shop on Etsy.

How do you take the breezy route in life and business?

As a mamapreneur thinking about taking the breezy route in life and business could be considered an oxymoron. Not only are you balancing your family and your business but also your own health, friends, your spouse, and other interests. It can be overwhelming just to think about much less do day in and day out. While I wouldn’t always describe my life as breezy, I’ve found some ways to simplify my life and my business so that I can handle them both without getting overwhelmed.

The first way that I set up my breezy life was to implement automation in my business and home. I use apps like Zapier and If This Then That to automate any task that is done the same way each and every time.

Some examples of things that I have set up with automation include a publishing schedule of my blog posts to social media and automatically creating tasks in Asana when I receive a new Etsy order. Setting up these automatons takes me a little bit of time but then I don’t have to worry about those tasks ever again so it saves me tons of time.

The second way that I have set my business and life up to be breezy is by outsourcing the tasks that I don’t enjoy, am not exceptional at, and that takes up too much time.

I do this with a virtual assistant and task her with doing the tasks that are not in my wheelhouse. By outsourcing, I’m able to concentrate on the parts of my business that I enjoy and keep the time that I spend working to a reasonable amount so that I can still spend time with my family.

Finally, perhaps the most important way that I take the breezy route in life and business is to set up systems in my business. I set up systems, which is basically just a step by step list of what steps need to be taken to complete a task before I automated or outsourced anything. With written systems, it becomes easy to evaluate what tasks are best suited for automation, which are best suited for outsourcing, and which I want to stay responsible for.

Having automation, outsourcing, and systems in place doesn’t mean that I never get overwhelmed but it does mean that I get to spend my time focusing on the parts of my business that I enjoy while keeping my work hours in a reasonable schedule so that I still have plenty of time with my family. Knowing that I have all of that in place allows me to relax and enjoy my family and my business!

What does creativity mean to you and how do you stay creative?

Creativity to me means finding a way to do something in a way that betters your life. This could mean making something that’s beautiful or finding a new way to work smarter. Overall, to me, creativity means creating or doing something to make the life of you, your family, and others better.

I stay creative by constantly writing down ideas of new content I can share, spending time taking care of myself doing things I love like reading and taking time to encourage other mamapreneurs.


Thanks, Jenn, for the motivation you gave mamapreneurs and others who are thinking of starting their own business!

I know I will be using the advice you gave for my own business (I already have a few ideas in mind right now that I can automate and outsource!)

Some takeaways from this interview that I really want to focus on:

  1. Jenn encourages business owners to set up automatons for tasks they do frequently.
  2. Don’t be afraid to use programs and apps that will free up your time. These programs include:
    1. IFTTT (If This Then That)
    2. Zapier
    3. Asana
  3. Outsource tasks that take up a ton of time or ones you’re not exceptional at by hiring a freelancer.

If you feel like helping women who are struggling in their businesses, why wait? You can use your knowledge and experience to help them rekindle the passion they once felt for their business.

So, do you think you can #takethebreezyroute by getting into business consulting?


In this exclusive interview, we talk with a woman whose goal is to set up systems to help make your business thrive. Check out her automation tips and more!Jenn Elwell is a coach for moms who are balancing growing a business with caring for their family. She works with women who are excited about helping others yet frustrated by the administrative tasks taking up their limited work time. She helps them automate, outsource, and put in place systems so they can do the work they love, get paid for it, and still have time for their family. You can keep up with Jenn on her website, Instagram, and Facebook and all mamapreneurs are invited to join her Facebook Group Mamapreneur Mastermind.

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