• You’re not sure who your audience is
  • You don’t know how to target or attract your ideal customer
  • You wasted too much time on admin work with nothing to show for it
  • People don’t understand your vision
  • You’re doing too many things
  • …But you feel like you’re not doing enough
  • You don’t know how to make your website speak for you
  • Your business “look” is not what you were expecting
  • You’re an information addict who’s overwhelmed

This ebook has lessons including:

1. Branding basics

2. Brainstorming your brand

3. Directing & defining your brand

4. Finding your dream customer

5. Mapping your visual style

6. Color theory

7. Typography

8. Crafting your about page

9. Logo Basics

10. Making a style guide

What's included in DIY Branding?

>> 10 chapters for effective branding

>> Downloadable workbook for assignments